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Developer & Designer, 26 years old, from Poland

Open-source projects

Community is essential to me. I want to become the kind of developer that I would want to work with. That is why I share my knowledge, code, and time with others.

  1. qilin-editor/qilin-app

    Text editor for exact sciences with built-in KaTeX/AsciiMath support.

  2. project-inra/inra-coin

    A bunch of utility modules for creating P2P and blockchain-based applications.

  3. project-inra/inra-server

    Utility modules for creating Node.js servers suitable for small applications.

  4. potential-duplicates-bot

    A configurable GitHub App which checks for potential issue duplicates.

  5. crawlerr

    A simple and fully customizable web crawler/spider for Node.js.

  6. wildcard-named

    Matches strings using named and/or unnamed wildcards.

  7. queue-promise

    A simple, dependency-free library for concurrent promise-based queues.

  8. scan-dir

    Searches for files in a directory and executes a callback for each.

  9. json-overrides

    Overrides object properties with name-specific ones and removes the overrides property.


    Offchan is a modern, real-time, anonymous cyberpunk image board.

  11. MADS

    Set of TypeScript utility modules for working with mathematics, algorithms and data structures.

Hand-crafted games

I create mobile games from scratch! I learn most by experimenting and game development makes me experiment a lot!

  1. Icon image for Słowo game


    Polska gra językowa polegającą na zgadywaniu ukrytych słów w 6-ciu próbach!

  2. Icon image for Make 0! game

    Make 0!

    Slide numbers to combine them and fill the board with 0s!

  3. Icon image for Filler game


    Fill the board! Pressing any of the cells will toggle it and the adjacent cells.

  4. Icon image for Stacker game


    Stack the blocks! Tap on the screen to make the block fall and build a tower.

  5. Icon image for Tilt Copters game

    Tilt Copters

    Fly to the moon and beyond! The higher you get, the faster the game is!

Newest articles

I write articles about web development, mostly React, Vue, best practices, accessibility and JS related stuff.